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Contact & Consultations 

At Allison Family Law, PLLC, we offer clients and prospective clients several ways to communicate with us. If you want to consult with us about your legal needs, here are your options:
  • In-Person. Call and schedule an in-person consultation. 
  • Zoom Video. Call and schedule a Zoom video consultation.
  • FaceTime. Call and schedule a FaceTime consultation.
  • Telephone. Call and schedule a telephone consultation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When are we available for consultations?
We live in a society where people work different schedules and are not always available between the hours of 8am-5pm or Monday thru Friday. We are available for video and telephone consultations any day of the week and at any time, just call are office and schedule an appointment.

Are you available for consultations on the weekends?
Yes. We can schedule your consultation for a Saturday or Sunday.

Can my consultation happen before 8am or after 5pm?
Yes. We can schedule you for a consultation before and after normal working hours.

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